Pre and Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Effective Orthopaedic Care for Pre and Post-Operative Rehab

Orthopaedic care is often required following surgery when pain and swelling in the operated area limits movement and weakens tissue. Joints may be immobilized after surgery using plaster casts, slings or moonboots. Prolonged disuse of these joints leads to muscle weakness and stiffness. Once the joint is healed and the cast is removed, the patient starts orthopaedic rehabilitation to regain full movement and strength.
Prior to surgery, rehabilitation should be carried out to to prepare the joint for surgery with the aim to speed up the post-operative recovery. Viaduct Physiotherapy staff are highly trained in the management of a vast array of orthopaedic conditions. We are the preferred orthopaedic care provider for a network of highly reputed orthopaedic consultants who refer patients to us both before and after surgery.

Effective Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

When surgery is followed by effective rehabilitation, the patient has the greatest chance of regaining full function. Our physiotherapists ensure comprehensive rehabilitation for each patient by implementing a regimen of flexibility, balance training and muscle strengthening.

Immediate Relief with Effective Pain Treatment

With joint problems that require surgery, the patient may experience pain both before and after surgical intervention. At Viaduct Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists are well versed in pain management and can offer immediate relief.
Research has shown that pain limits the use of muscles, which further weakens them, slowing rehabilitation. Our physiotherapists ensure that the limitations imposed by pain on rehabilitation are reduced, speeding up the recovery process.
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