Neck and Lower Back Disorders

Neck and Lower Back Pain - Accurate Identification of Cause and Early Effective Treatment

Treatment for neck and lower back pain is most effective when the correct cause behind the problem is identified. At Viaduct Physiotherapy our team of highly experienced and skilled physiotherapists have the expertise to uncover the underlying problem. This assessment is followed by an effective treatment plan that is tailor-made for every patient. The objective of our treatment is to restore complete functionality for everyday life.

Varied Treatments For Quick Resolution of Neck and Lower Back Pain

Once your injury has been diagnosed, our physiotherapists will outline the different treatment options on offer. These include soft tissue massage, stretches, joint mobilisation/manipulation, core strengthening and acupuncture. We will generally use a combination of treatment methods for fast relief and to prevent future recurrence.

Our physiotherapists will also assess your posture, sporting and lifting technique to identify where and how you are going wrong.

Strengthening Exercises for Muscle Conditioning and Spinal Rehabilitation

Research suggests that pain promotes weakening of spinal muscles, worsening the injury and increasing the risk of recurrence.

Exercising is a proven way to condition your muscles and ensure that similar injuries do not occur in the future. At Viaduct Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists will recommend appropriate stretching, postural education and strengthening exercises for effective spinal rehabilitation.

Email us with a brief summary of your injury and we will discuss your treatment options. You can also call us at 09 307 1110 to learn more about our services.