Corporate Health

Comprehensive Workplace Health Management

The number of work related injuries is on the rise. The most common work health ailments involve spinal problems and associated muscular pain and weakness. These arise as a consequence of poor sitting positions and long periods of physical inactivity that individuals in the corporate world are subjected to. Sitting for long periods puts immense strain on the spine and peripheral joints, making them vulnerable to injury. As the inactivity weakens the muscles in these areas, the risk of injury is increased.
At Viaduct Physiotherapy, our highly experienced physiotherapists identify the damaged tissue and determine the best treatment technique to restore optimal function.

Advice and Education for Maintaining Excellent Workplace Health
The workplace often provides challenges to physical health. For many professionals it is impossible to avoid prolonged sitting, even though we are aware this may be detrimental to our health.   We devise practical and viable preventive strategies, that will help you avoid future work health problems. We also train you in healthy work place habits and advise you on how to incorporate them in your daily life.

Accurate Identification of the Injury Cause Enhances Effectiveness of Treatment
Workplace health problems may be traced back to many different factors. Correctly identifying the cause of your problems is critical for effective and quick treatment. Factors such as stress, repetitive movement at work and previous history of spinal injuries make you more vulnerable to work health problems.
At Viaduct Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists are highly skilled at identifying the contributing factors for workplace health problems. This allows us to offer treatment that is streamlined to your specific needs.

Our objective is to help you recover from spinal problems, reduce muscular pain and improve posture to ensure a safe working environment. Talk to us on 09 307 1110 to know more about how we can help you or contact us with a summary of your injury.